Situations in which service cannot be provided

  1. Earthquake
  2. Vehicle is located/stuck off-road (beach, mud, etc.)
  3. War, civil disturbance, etc.
  4. Unlicensed drivers, intoxicated drivers, drivers under the influence of drugs
  5. Automobiles that do not comply with relevant Japanese government laws
  6. Vehicles outside of the insurance policy period
  7. Vehicle to which the keys have been lost or stolen
  8. Situations caused by failure to maintain and use proper winter driving equipment when required.
  9. Vehicles not carrying JCI (Japanese Compulsory Insurance, also referred to as CALI) and a valid Japanese government inspection
  10. The operator of the insured vehicle is unable to drive due to medical problems, or the loss of or loss of use of contacts or glasses.
  11. To remedy power window/air-conditioner related problems.
  12. The vehicle is able to be driven.