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AIG Japan Insurance for U.S. Forces Personnel and DOD Civilians

AIG Japan, has proudly served the men and women of US Forces Japan since 1946. And we provide the following two products.

Automobile Insurance
Automobile Insurance for US Forces Japan and DoD Civilians.

Renters Insurance
Protect your personal property, on base or in town

About Us
American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading global insurance organization. Founded in 1919, today AIG member companies provide a wide range of property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement products, and other financial services to customers in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. These diverse offerings include products and services that help businesses and individuals protect their assets, manage risks and provide for retirement security. AIG’s core businesses include Commercial Insurance and Consumer Insurance, as well as Other Operations. Commercial Insurance comprises two modules – Liability and Financial Lines, and Property and Special Risks. Consumer Insurance comprises four modules – Individual Retirement, Group Retirement, Life Insurance and Personal Insurance. AIG common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For additional information, please visit our website at www.AIG.com.

Locate an Agent Near You

Your local agent will help you understand automobile liability coverage requirements, ways to protect your personal property, and help you minimize the hassle in case of an accident.


Name of Agency



Misawa Air Base

Takeuchi Insurance

Outside Main Gate 2-10-51 Cyuou-Cho, Misawa-City.

Tel: 0176-53-3234  (From Off-Base)
mail to: takeuchi-info@cube.ocn.ne.jp

Misawa Air Base

Otsuka Insurance

5-26-1 Okumisawa, Misawa-City

Tel: 0176-52-3489  (From Off-Base)
mail to: otsuka20940@yahoo.co.jp

Yokota Air Base

Williams Technical Services, KK.

Inside Yokota AB. Yujo Community Center. Bldg#327

Tel: 042-530-0799(From Off-Base)
DSN: 042-552-2511/225-2742
mail to: info@wiltecokinawa.com
URL: www.wiltecokinawa.com 

Yokota Air Base

Paramount George's

2474 Fussa, Fussa-City, Tokyo

Tel: 042-551-2744  (From Off-Base)
mail to: georges@cocoa.ocn.ne.jp

Yokosuka Navy Base

Williams Technical Services, KK.

Naval Base. NEX Services & Concessions (Bldg.# J-196)

Tel: 046-816-4950  (From Off-Base)
mail to: info@wiltecokinawa.com   
URL: www.wiltecokinawa.com 


Gordes Insurance

Honcho Bldg 2F, 2-3-5 Honcho

Tel: 046-884-8538   (From Off-Base)
mail to: gordes@dc5.so-net.ne.jp 



1-18 Honcho Yokosuka city Kanagawa

Tel: 0468-22-2038   (From Off-Base)
mail to: aiuyokosuka@ai.wakwak.com



1-8-15Ikego, Zushi-City.

Tel: 046-872-6221   (From Off-Base)
mail to: ahl-co@if-n.ne.jp

Camp Zama

Zama Agency

1F Dai-Ichi Touinn Bldg 1-37-17 Sobudai Zama-shi Kanagawa-ken, 252-0011 Japan

Tel: 046-251-0164   (From Off-Base)
mail to: aiuzama@aioros.ocn.ne.jp

NAF Atsugi

Williams Technical Services, KK.

Personal Service Center (Bldg#34) 2nd Floor

Tel: 0467-63-6544  (From Off- Base)
DSN: 264-6544
mail to: info@wiltecokinawa.com
URL: www.wiltecokinawa.com 

Camp Fuji

Yoshino Agency

255-7, Nagatsuka, Gotemba-City

Tel: 0550-81-5586   (From Off-Base)

MCAS Iwakuni

Sugita Insurance

Outside Main Gate

Tel: 0827-22-0611  (From Off-Base)
mail to: base@sugita-agency.com

MCAS Iwakuni

Williams Technical Services, KK.

Outside Supply Gate.

Tel: 0827-35-5177   (From Off-Base)
mail to: info@wiltecokinawa.com
URL: www.wiltecokinawa.com 

Sasebo Navy


Nimitz Park USO, Hirase-cho, Sasebo-city, Nagasaki Pref. 857-0056

Tel: 0956-22-0721  (From Off-Base)
mail to: triton@pro-insurance.co.jp
URL: http://www.pro-insurance.co.jp/?page_id=51 

Camp Kinser

GEA Insurance

Camp Kinser Gate 3. Inside Typhoon Motors Bldg#611

DSN: 637-4284
mail to: kinser@gea-insurance.com
URL: www.gea-insurance.com 

MCAS Futenma

GEA Insurance

MCAS Futenma, Inside of Futenma USO. Bldg#401 

DSN: 636-5203   
mail to: futenma@gea-insurance.com
URL: www.gea-insurance.com 

Camp Foster

GEA Insurance

Camp Foster Bldg#5644 Inside the Shoppette

Tel: 080-2731-9415  (From Off-Base)
DSN: 646-4601
mail to: foster-01@gea-insurance.com
URL: www.gea-insurance.com 

Camp Foster

AIU - Autopia

1934 Adaniya, Kitanakagusuku-Son, Okinawa-Ken  904-2316   (American Legion Bldg 2F) SAM’s Bldg.

Tel: 098-935-4506   (From Off-Base)
mail to: aiu-autopia.ins@woody.ocn.ne.jp

Camp Foster

Unilife Services

Outside Legion Gate
Nakagami-gun Chatan-Cho Aza Kitamae 870 Okinawa, Japan 904-0117
Tel: 098-935-4727   (From Off-Base) 
mail to: admin@unilifeservices.com

Kadena AFB

Nakama Agency
(U.S Auto Sales.in)
Outside KAB Gate 1
2-4-5 1F Hamagawa Chatan-Cho Okinawa

Tel: 098-926-1089   (From Off-Base)

Kadena AFB

Williams Technical Services, KK.

KAB Schilling Rec Center.Bldg#455

Tel: 035-050-1050
mail to: info@wiltec-insurance.com
mail to: wiltecokinawa@polka.ocn.ne.jp
URL: www.wiltecokinawa.com 

Kadena AFB

Williams Technical Services, KK.

368 Sunabe Chatan-Cho, Okinawa Japan

Tel: 098-936-2710 (From Off-Base)
mail to: info@wiltecokinawa.com
mail to: wiltecokinawa@gmail.com
URL: www.wiltecokinawa.com 

Kadena AFB

OTS Insurance

KAB USO Bldg#337 Kadena AFB

Tel: 098-938-4279  (From Off-Base)
mail to : otsuso@otsinfo.co.jp

Kadena AFB

GEA Insurance

KAB Auto hobby shop Bldg #1436.

Tel: 03-4580-0152   (From Off-Base)
DSN: 634-8000-4-7440
mail to: kadena@gea-insurance.com
URL: www.gea-insurance.com 

Kadena AFB

BC Used Cars

Off-Base, Right outside KAB Gate 2
56-6 Uechi Okinawa City
Tel: 098-930-1585  (From Off Base)
mail to: bc3agency@gmail.com

Kadena AFB

GEA Insurance

Off-Base, Near KAB gate 2.  Across from Korinza
4-13-1 Chuou Okinawa city
Tel: 098-988-7380/7383   (From Off-Base)
mail to: info@gea-insurance.com
URL: www.gea-insurance.com 

Camp Courtney

GEA Insurance

Camp Courtney Bldg#4319

Tel: 098-954-6308 (From Off- Base)
DSN: 622-6308
mail to: courtney@gea-insurance.com
URL: www.gea-insurance.com 

Camp Hansen

GEA Insurance

Camp Hansen USO. Bldg#2214

DSN: 623-5025/098-969-5025
mail to: hansen@gea-insurance.com
URL: www.gea-insurance.com